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Colouring T-Shirts

The Chubbypineapple T-Shirt Colouring Collection

Our team have always loved picking up a colouring book and choosing our favoUrite pens or pencils to create something new. The sense of satisfaction when we finish the picture is great but it never gets shared with the world. That is why we bring you our t-shirt collection that is designed to be coloured with your favoUrite fabric pens and worn so you can show off your unique creation.

Kids Tortoise T-Shirt for colouring in

Colouring T-Shirt

Kids Rainbow T-Shirt (for colouring in)

Colouring T-Shirt

Kids Robot T-Shirt (for colouring in)

Colouring T-Shirt


We aim to create fun tshirts and make them available in all sizes - they are available in the smallest kids size to the largest adult size and everything inbetween. An adult can colour their own t-shirt alongside children. T-shirt colouring parties are a wonderful idea and you should be able to find the perfect size and style for each of your guests.

Kids Butterfly T-Shirt (for colouring in)

Colouring T-Shirt

Kids Heart T-Shirt (for colouring in)

Colouring T-Shirt


All of our t-shirts are 100% cotton which are great for holding good quality ink. Invest in good quality fabric pens for best results and colour longevity wash after wash. Our best advice is to make sure you follow the instructions of your pens carefully as they vary; some require you to heat up the ink with an iron to make them colour-fast and others do not.

Kids Rocket T-Shirt (for colouring in)

Colouring T-Shirt

Kids Owl T-Shirt (for colouring in)

Colouring T-Shirt

Kids Flower T-Shirt (for colouring in)

Colouring T-Shirt


Choose the right design for you; the complexity of the tshirt print is a good guide for the amount of time it will take to colour in and the amount of skill needed. The most detailed designs take longer to colour and are best suited to fine nib fabric pens and someone who has good colouring experience and good colouring skill. T-shirt designs that have big blocks of white space to colour are easy and quicker to complete and are suitable for younger children or someone new to colouring t-shirts. As an example our simple owl and tortoise t-shirts have bigger areas of space to colour making them easier when compared to our more detailed butterfly or heart t-shirt prints.

Adding splurges of colour and going over the lines is all part of the fun and the fact that the end result shows off your personal creativity makes it unique. For great results and a more serious approach try to use small pen strokes when colouring your t-shirt and try and hold the surrounding fabric of your colouring tight as you go.

Colouring a t-shirt requires a slightly different technique to colouring on paper as the fabric will move a little as the pen moves. Smaller movements of your colouring pen and holding the fabric still with your spare hand helps achieve a more polished result. For anyone that likes to take their colouring very seriously and colours lots of fabric an embroidery hoop really lends a helping hand to holding what you are colouring in place!

Another tip we like is when you colour in a t-shirt consider placing a good sized piece of paper or card inside the t-shirt before you start. This is a great idea especially good if your colouring pens are heavily loaded with ink because it will help stop any excess colour bleeding through the picture and onto the back!

Look out for glitter fabric markers to give your t-shirt an extra special personal touch.

Our whole t-shirt colouring range are premium classic fit tees and have a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

We love creativity and would love to hear your t-shirt colouring stories. Whether you have coloured a t-shirt on your own, with friends or hosted a t-shirt colouring party, we would love to see your results.

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