Chubbypineapple Childrens Book Collection

Chubbypineapple Childrens Books

The Chubbypineapple Children's Book Collection

Our collection of children's books started with the story My Party Will Be Brilliant! about a party that just gets bigger and bigger and better and better. With fun illustrations and a light bouncy rhyme it is a great addition to any childrens bedtime story routine. Following high demand for our alphabet friezes we then went on to create two complementary alphabet books using the same illustrations from the frieze for a more hands on approach to learning the alphabet.

These titles are all printed with a wipe clean matte cover and are suitable for children around 2 to 4 years old.

The Little Pink Alphabet Book
The Little Blue Alphabet Book
My Party Will Be Brilliant

The little alphabet books

The little alphabet books: Pink and Blue
The Little Pink Alphabet Book: L is for Lorry
The Little Blue Alphabet Book: R is for Rocket
The Little Pink Alphabet Book: S is for Sun

The Little Alphabet Books are available in Pink and Blue Editions. With illustrations taken from our Alphabet Frieze, these books are a complementary aid to learning the alphabet.

With bold bright images to match each letter of the alphabet and the use of contrasting colours we have created a pair of engaging books. Illustrations for each letter include Apple, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Dolly, Elephant, Fish, Grapes, House, Ice-cream, Jelly, Kite, Lorry, Moon, Nest, Owl, Pear, Queen, Rocket, Sun, Tree, Umbrella, Volcano, Whale, X-ray, Yo-yo and Zebra.

My Party Will Be Brilliant!

My Party Will Be Brilliant!
My Party Will Be Brilliant! Cake

With a rhyming style and story that contains all the elements for a brilliant party this book will have your child planning their perfect party.

"My party will be brilliant and even better than before. Every thing is ready now and by friends are at the door."

From opening presents, rolling around in ball pools, helter-skelter rides and magicians our favourite is the biggest cake a party has ever seen!

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